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Hey Hey, I’m Jonathan Millard, Presenter, Announcer & Actor


About Me

Presenter and Host

Presenter & Host

A former radio presenter, Jonathan has had the pleasure to hosting corporate functions, award ceremonies, fashion shows & beauty pageants, bringing his unique style to proceedings.


Ring Announcer

Ring Announcer

From boxing to mixed martial arts to pro wrestling, Jonathan travels the length and breadth of the country, with several years experience, he has become one of the top MC’s in the land.


Acting and Voiceover

Acting & Voice Over

From stage to set, commercial to corporate, Jonathan has done it all, with over twenty five years, working for the BBC, ITV and others. He is also an award winning singer.


Work & Events

A photographic highlight reel from across the years.
From corporate award ceremonies to beauty pageants to stage productions
From boxing shows to mixed martial arts to where it all began in.


Recent Articles

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TOP 10 - Entrance Themes

As I herald in the next fighter to the ring or cage,  I get to hear some very interesting music...

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