Sometimes things turn out for the best.

So a few weeks back, I received a Facebook message request from promoters of Almighty FC, to enquire about my availability for their September show; funnily enough the week before I had a conversation with another promoter who sadly had just taken steps to postponed his show on the same weekend, meaning that I was now free to host this great show.

Setting out just after 9 in the morning, I hoped to arrive a few hours prior to the show starting, to relax and get my head into show mode. The srive was long nearly four hours thanks to a few road closures and traffic, thankfully no accidents, and yhe odd wrong turn as i got nearer the venue.

I arrived in Leeds and headed into the city centre, the venue was near the university and after going round the place three times, i finally found the venue and then drove past that too.

Inside the venue was nearly all set up, I was quickly shown to backstage area and my own personal dressing room by promoter Steve, I chilled out for an hour or so, before suiting and booting it and heading down to cage side.