When a good friend asks for help with their event, I’m happy to be called on to help and was really looking forward to being involved. This had been in diary for some time, long enough to have forgotten what selected to eat I like to arrive a few hours before the doors, it’s just my way, I realise that it takes a lot of stress of the organisers to have their artists and others involved there in the building and help out if necessary.

A good host/compère will have the skills to follow your plans to run your event to ensure a good evening. An excellent host /compère will have the skills to step up to make sure your event a massive success because the ‘best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ and on this occasion they had … The main artist an Elvis tribute had cried off, supposedly being ‘ill’. So to the drawing board Batman, jigging the available items around asking some to change their setlist, and even offering to perform several items yourself … And so ladies and gentlemen for the first time in several years, Jonathan Millard sang publicly. Luckily I could remember enough of the songs I use to sing to pull together a twenty minute or so short set.

The event kicked off, with a lovely speak from Jenny Wilson about her father Gordon Peacock and the reason why we were there to raise money for cancer research UK. A three-course meal followed, now I couldn’t remember what I had opted for from the evenings’ menu, thankfully my place setting had the information for me, and it was delicious. Once everything was consumed and lots of table wine drunk, back to the stage to host the juggled entertainment… The awesome showgirl dancers dazzled with their routine, the awesome Carie Ann changed her entire set to wow the crowd gathered; we raised over £500 through the auction, the casino was opened up as well, our awesome dancers took to the stage again for their second routine, a quick giving thanks to the organisers and closing speech and then me…singing 😵!!! It seemed to go off well and by the end, people were up dancing and having a good time…handing over to the DJ and saying my goodbyes, I slopped off into the darkness to allow the party to continue as they danced the night away. All in all, after a few curve balls, a great night and lots raised for the charity.