During the month of February, Matchroom Boxing and Sky Sports ran a competition with Ring Announcer legend Michael Buffer to find an MC to assist with Michael’s schedule and help out with both Matchroom and Sky Sports events; and if that wasn’t prize enough, three top MC’s would get a priceless masterclass with the Master himself, to start we had to upload a video of us doing an introduction and the top ten entries decided would be decided by Matchroom officials,  Sky executives and Mr. Buffer himself.

Here’s my entry…

As you’d expect the competition was fierce, with even the few minor celebrities throwing their hat into the ring (or voice). As the competition closed, tensions increased as we began the long waiting period, until on 16th March at 3.49pm I got a message on my twitter account;

“Dear Jonathan, Thank you for entering our recent MC Academy competition! We are delighted to offer you a slot in the next phase, which is due to be held on Tuesday 27 March at Sky Sports HQ!”

Well to say that I was excited is a slight understatement, to put it mildly, I jumped all around the car, bounded up the street like Michael McIntyre and fell through the door…and on to the internet to tell the world…I’m writing this after a weekend of MC working in Wigan and Bradford, snow has made the weekend hell, but i love what I do so much and I am still super pumped about it overwhelmingly happy that I have an opportunity to progress it to the next level, putting all the doubts and fears behind me and moving onwards and upwards!

As a young wrestler called Mark Andrews (now a WWE Superstar) said to me over eight years ago… “See you in the feds”