My acting resume is here on my site and I realised I had updated it or done anything since 2016, I had a whole year without adding a single think to it, so after meeting with a friend, and having a good long discussion about what I was doing with acting and other things, I decided that I needed to get back in the saddle and take some control of my career.

I’m in a number of groups on the book of face, where I started looking for any roles that could fit my personality and character, I came across this interesting project, looking for a male my age to play a company executive.

I messaged the point of contact, which turned out to be the director. We discussed it, had a little time to think it through, while I worked away, she had a look at me and then she offered me the role.

I immediately downloaded the script and was really excited, looked over the call sheets and had to request a slight change to the schedule, but it was all good, and the team accommodated my request, which enabled me to take the role on.

The day to film came, I loaded the car with lots of different suits and shirts and ties and headed off, in typical me fashion I was really early, so I sat around the Atrium university building waiting. It was interesting to see so many budding creative people, in fact I’d missed it. Producers, directors, actors, gaffers mixed and mingled with lectures and industry professionals a utopian experience of the film and television industry.

As I sat, a familiar face appeared in the crowd heading towards me, Rob Murphy, a great guy and awesome actor with a smile that lighten my mood, his hand outstretched he greeted me like only a Welsh man can, “hiya butt, how’s it going?”. We chatted for a while, before he hurried off back onto set for a short he was filming on.

Update flashed on my phone: not required until 14.30 at Howard Green Campus, Newport Road lane. So I shuffled off to IKEA for lunch, returning to research this new venue and where to park near by.

What a great experience to be on set again, trying to do the best I can, the same time and time again and generally fucking it up. I really felt the pressure to get it right.