A massive thanks to my colleague Buddae Johnson for letting me fill his shoes for this great night by the seaside.

When I agreed to cover the show, I wasn’t 100% sure how far away it was, just past London i thought, cant be that far and I’ve never been to Margate before, so great opportunity to visit a new place and get paid to do 😉 OMG how long was the drive…nearly 4hrs later i got to the venue right on the sea front and wow what a great venue, stepped deep in British entertainment history, every household name since the last world war had played the venue, including personal heroes Bob Monkhouse, Morcombe & Wise and the Two Ronnies, they even had posters from the vintage wrestling and boxing shows, so it was a great privilege to say i’ve performed at the same venue as these greats.

A large crowd came out to support the local club and its fighters, with several people coming down from London.

Jonathan in the ring, doing his thing…

  1. Dan Lay (Ramsgate) stopped Stevie Walder (Margate) at.0.56 of the second round
  2. Amrit Singh (Chatam) beat Ed Tarrget (Margate) by decision
  3. Steve Mansfield (Birchington) beat Gary Collyer (Chatam) retired due to injury
  4. Lee Wehrle (Broadstairs) stopped Marcus Ahmed (Margate) at 1.55 of the first round
  5. Matar Sambu (Margate) beat Jay Morris (Newport, IOW) by decision – 39/37
  6. Crowd favourite Alexis (Margate) beat Tom Hutchison (Bournemouth)  by decision
  7. Tom Garnchar (Canterbury) stopped Arron Gammon (Ramsgate) at 1.13 of the first round
  8. Dan Lockwood (Bournemouth) stopped Martin Hardy (Ramsgate) by TKOi after Hardy injured his ankle, at 1.53 of the first round
  9. Danny Carlisle (Margate) stopped Paul Mitchell (Birchington) making him withdraw between the second and third round
  10. Danny Mobey (Margate) beat Buster Collins (Dover) by decision
  11. Craig Amer (Dover) stopped Peter O’Gorman (Bournemouth) in just 7 seconds of the first round
  12. Dean Perry (Broadstairs) beat Liam Nabb (Margate) by decision
  13. Chris Gregory (Broadstairs) stopped Mason ‘Hotshot’ Fardowe (Margate) at 1.37 of the first round

Big thanks to Malwai and the team at Pej Allstars, all the boxer and trainers, the sponsors ProWire, Pej Court Properties and chandlers building supplies, and of course the crowd.

Hope to see you again real soon!