In the heart of the city, deep below ground is the Eight members club, an exclusive private club for the banker and brokers. Sitting on the site of a Jonathan’s Coffee House, the principal meeting place for the city’s stockbrokers. A black door and a small brass plaque were all there was to identifies this place and I walked past it several times; inside was elegantly decorated, low lite club, perfect welcome to the white collar fight club.

Our venue for the weigh-ins and square off, and my first chance to see the fighters and the card. This is a unique event, two rings one Boxing bouts, the other host Muay Thai competitions. I’ve not done an even with two different combat sports happening at the same time (excluding fights in the crowd, at the same time as action in the ring or cage).

A total of 30 fights in all split between the two rings. The promoters Phillip Tieu and Matt Thompson, had given the fighters nicknames and this was all that was on the shirts, so fighters had to pay attention and remember which name they had been given by the team around them, which caused for a lot of laughs as people came up for the same shirt and tried to steal the nickname from others.

The next night, we moved to the amazing art deco delight of the Troxy (which is on my list of venues to work). Both rings were set up on my arrival, (after my first ever Uber) lights all set, just finishing the sound, perfect timing for a quick sound check. That’s when a blast from the past walked in, international IMMAF referee AJ Jeffrey’s, we haven’t worked together for about two years.

The night kicked off with my normal style, not sure that London was completely ready for me, but hey hey here we go… Laaaaaaaaaaaaaadies & gentleman, are you reaaaaaaaady… 29 bouts now, after medicals, were split between the two rings. And first mistake and they’re not out the gates yet, called the red corner, should have been blue… Not to worry got it right and moved forward

The fights rolled on, some great bouts and the crowd were electric, cheering on everyone, making the atmosphere excellent inside the Troxy. I managed to finish almost on time, before my second uber journey of the night back to the hotel, and not the after show, as I was heading to Exeter for Elite MMA the following day.

I loved this show, the people and community around the who thing was amazing, and I look forward to doing it again in the future (I hope)