Whilst lying in bed on a cold Sunday morning, I’m able to reflect a past two days and how they went.

So Friday, I set off just after 9.30am and started the three hours plus drive up to Manchester. The drive was relatively easy going, only a little traffic around Birmingham, and google helped save me nine minutes apparently by taking on a route to avoid the roadworks.

A creature of habit, I stopped in my favorite services, Ikea near the Wednesbury turnoff for a lunch of meatballs with gravy. I know that I shouldn’t but its so much cheaper than the normal services and you get unlimited refills on the little soft drinks, which gives me the feeling of a huge accomplishment that I got the better deal than a fixed size drink cup, but probably I don’t drink the volume of these fixed drink cups anyway…strange how the mind works really.

The room was almost all set when I arrived at Bowlers Exhibition Centre, and I found myself ushered into my regular changing room, getting ready, with the hostess for the evening have a lovely conversation, with her.

The Friday night kicked off with great energy and vibrancy which lasted well into the last few fight of the night. It was great to have one of our original ring girls back as well…Sophie far right worked on the first White Collar Fighter show over 18 months ago.

Somehow  I had hurt my foot prior to the night, so as with many weekend shows I was booked into a local hotel, the Campanile Hotel. not too far away from the venue, a short drive required, but why in this day and age do some hotels not have elevators? You can guarantee that when you arrive they’ve booked you into the last room in the top floor so I hobbled to my room and remember I left my phone charger in the car, so back along the corridor and down the stairs to the car, got the charger, so back up the stairs and along the long corridor to my room. I got in and fell onto the bed, that was the end of me… When I stay away I have a simple guilty pleasure, that of watching Fraiser in bed before getting up, I know that sounds silly, but I don’t have a tv in my bedroom and normally I’m invaded by small people who want to watch Peppa Pig or eat breakfast… But wasn’t in the hotel for that long that morning, packed up and heading back to the venue for show two of three… Tanko Junior League.

Tanko Junior League

It was great to work with people involved with the Muay Thai community and this time with a company that sees the next generation of fighters and giving them a platform to showcase their skill and talents.

but for me, it wasn’t the greatest performance, several mistakes, I did the introduction three times for camera, got a surname mixed with the gym name and my button on my shirt popped off, so had to pin myself into a shirt.

Started at 10.30am in the morning it ran on for about five hours, we got through twenty-three fights, finishing just after 4 pm

It was at this juncture I realized that I wasn’t wearing my new Maestro watch, which came in the @sprezza box last month,  I thought that I must have put it in my bag, so taking solace in my logic, I popped out to the nearest store to get a white shirt ready for thenext show, bargin find in ASDA, for only £9 a regular fit shirt, did take a while to find a white one tho…but it worked and using the new Ivy tie, I got in the Sprezza box this month, I was able to pull together a decent looking outfit.

White Collar Fighter 29

Kicking off with the amazing Sally Newton doing her fire dancing with fire-breathing, the boxing was explosive, the first bout second round knock out! and the night was great, the crowd was happily entertained. It was about 11.30pm that I was on the road, and yes crazy monkey I drove back to Wales getting back into the Vale at 3.30am