In the prevailing sense of optimism and gratitude towards those that supported me in the MC Academy competition, I felt I owed it to myself and you, to at least try to get my licence from the British Boxing Board of Control.

As I awoke, after the long trip back from London, without being crowned the winner, I googled the contact details for the BBBoC, then precided to call.

“Hello, I’d like to apply for the master of ceremonies license” I informed the ladies on the phone.

“sure what’s the name and address and I’ll send the paperwork out”

Wow that was easy… End scene 😂 not quite, she continued “you’ll also need a copy of the rules and regulations, which is £10”

I ordered my book, expecting a war and peace epic, I got a small green book.

I eagerly looked up the section noted for Master of Ceremonies, a paragraph on the top of the page, four lines in this little green book… So I turned to some of my fellow ring announcer friends, ones I knew had been in front of the board and held the licence, for help; and my gosh did they help me. Tips and pointers that I used and printed off, just incase.

The regional secretary rang me a few days after sending the application in. Thanking me for applying, and invite me, less than a week away, I accepted the invitation and I began to read that little green book, and stuff I definitely didn’t need to know, ready for my interview…

Upon arrival at the venue for the interviews, there were a host of boxing faces I recognised and some I did not. We all sat in the foyer and waited and waited… Like being outside the headmasters room (not that I know how that would feel)

Final I was called in, the members of the board sat around in horseshoe affair while I sat in the middle and they fired their questions to me. It was a little intimidating…but after all that the regional council is happy to recommend me to board for my licence. So happy!

So right now, I await the official letter from the board to make it complete.