I think i was abducted by little grey men on the M6, its the only explanation I can conceive as a journey that should only take 3hrs and 15mins took nearly 5hrs; also my um hurt afterwards…lol, probably being sat on it that much longer than normal. The mammoth journey was the calm before the storm, as 36 would be boxers stepped into the ring to do battle and raise money for their charities of choice. Together they raise nearly 5k for several different charities, and got eight weeks free physical training, before stepping between the ropes. So enough about me and my journey, lets have some results…

  1. Bobby Hamilton stopped Darren Bowe in the second round
  2. Kirsty Collin stopped Alanna Murray in the third round
  3. Paul Cassidy beat Steve Morter by unanimous decision
  4. Ryan Benson beat Ben Spencer by unanimous decision to win the WCF Super fight championship
  5. Nathan Beckett stopped josh Collins in the third round
  6. Tom Brown beat Cameron Molloy by majority decision
  7. Emma James stopped Katrina Delaney in the third round
  8. Niall Cocksey stopped Mark Bryan in the second round
  9. Arron Griffth beat Kyle Williamsby unanimous decision
  10. Billy Lees and Jamie Spike battled to a draw
  11. Niall Goodwin beat Robert Kobewka
  12. Sam Boden-Byrne beat Kieran Croker by majority decision
  13. Megan Watson beat Simone Tunney by unanimous decision
  14. Mostafa Harb beat Lukasz Okrasszewski by majority decision
  15. Ryan Camilleri made Terence Mchugh withdraw after the second round
  16. Tom Southworth stopped Cleseo Baranda Neto in the third round
  17. Jack Ashley made Nazir Aiacaad withdraw after the second round
  18. James Chesney and Sam Gresty took it a draw

and that ladies and gentleman was it… for me its off to the hotel round the corner, for a naught dirty kebab and few hours shut eye (follow my instragram stories for more) before we do it all again with the guys and gals from the Salford programme.